Meet the team

Meet the team

Our Patron - Ann Cleeves

Ann is a North Tyneside resident, award winning author - and grandmother. In 2016 she celebrated the incredible achievement of publishing 30 books in 30 years, but she hasn't stopped writing there. Ann's books have now been translated into more than 20 languages.

She is perhaps best known in the North East as the author of the Vera series of books, which continues to be adapted for TV by ITV and which showcase our local estates and landmarks. Ann is passionate about literacy, independant bookshops and supporting communities. You can hear more about Ann's values in her episode of Desert Island Discs

What is a Patron?

A patron is an ambassador for the park and supports the work of the trust by raising awareness, helping to raise funds and sharing our values.

Keeks - Team Leader

Hi, I'm Keeks. I have spent all of my professional life working with children and young people or training adults to do it. I feel privileged to work with such a dynamic team and with such inspirational children, doing a job that I look forward to every day.

Steve - Playworker

My name's Steve and I like wild ideas, inventiveness and creative mayhem. My favourite people have their own unique way of seeing the world and are not afraid to be different. I am happiest with people who have not had to grow up yet, and with those adults who have chosen not to for all the right reasons.

Tracey - Playworker

Hey, I'm Tracey, "Be a Playworker" they said, "It will be fun" they said. It's so much more! Talking, cooking, laughing, camping, jumping, dancing, skating and hugging animals. These are a few of my favourite things.

Ashleigh - Playworker

My name's Ashleigh and I like dancing in fields, I'm motivated by children's natural curiosity to play. Every day is filled with a childs excitement or woes to share about their day. I enjoy listening, learning and offering reassurance.

Justine - Playworker

Hey, I'm Justine. Being a Playworker for me isn't just a job, it's a role that gives me the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of children and young people. Watching them grow in many ways allows me to feel a sense of pride - knowing I've been a part of their journey through childhood and shared memorable experiences which has shaped them into fine young adults.

Matty - Playworker

Hi, I'm Matty and I love the predictable unpredictability of working with children and young people. From the tears and tantrums to happiness and hugs. I love my job and wouldn't trade it for the world!

The Trustees

The Trust is tasked with supporting the park in delivering a wide range of facilities and activities, while ensuring it stays true to its charitable objectives. The Trust members believe passionately in the importance of play for young people and work in partnership with North Tyneside Council to preserve the playground for future generations.

Teresa Bromilow

I've been a park trustee for five years. I became a trustee because I grew up in Shiremoor, and this was my park back in the day. Now I bring my own kids and they love it. I think it's amazing for children to play and learn new skills, I just wish I was a kid again to play in the park! I love being a trustee and being able to support the excellent work of the park team.

David Stocks

David has been a long-time trustee and supporter of the playground. He has served on the Trust almost since its inception and has helped steer the playground towards its ten year celebration.

Lesli Godfrey

Lesli has worked across a variety of play organisations including special education, early years and youth provisions. She formerly managed the Centre for Playwork Education at Northumbria University and was the UK Strategic Lead for Playwork. More recently she lectured in Playwork and Child Development at Leeds Beckett University, and still loves to play.

Ingrid Wilkinson

Ingrid has been involved in the playground since the foundations were laid, at the time working in a strategic role for Play England. For the past eight years, Ingrid has worked with schools across the country supporting them to recognise the importance of play to children's health and wellbeing. She currently delivers the OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) programme to over 85 schools across the North East. She has three children - including Brooke who has recently been a volunteer at the park, and her youngest Annabell, who just loves to come and play.

Victor Harlow

Victor has a background working and volunteering in Education but believes play is an equally important opportunity all children have the right to. Victor believes Shiremoor Adventure Playground is something really special for our community and offers a unique social experience.

Dawn Allan

Dawn has been involved in Scouting and Guiding for most of her life and has seen first-hand how time and space to play and develop skills away from the boundaries of home and school life can have a positive effect on young people. Growing up, youth clubs and scouting - and the volunteers who led them - gave her opportunities she would never have had without them. She has a passion for sustainability.

Una MacDermott

profile coming soon

Kath Heason

profile coming soon

Angelaa Brown

Angela has a long history of working with children and families. She represented the North East at Skills Active Sector Skills Council, became Chair of England, and is England's representative on the UK Play Council. Currently she is running a training organisation focussing on workforce development within children and adult care. Angela champions the importance of play in all our lives.

Alison Stenning

Alison lives in North Shields with her teenage daughter. She got involved in the play world about 10 years ago when she set up a 'play street' on her street, and went on to run the play streets scheme in North Tyneside, PlayMeetStreet. She is also a geographer working at Newcastle University and these days spends much of her time teaching and researching about play (amongst other things). She's very excited to have joined the playground as a trustee as she thinkgs it's a magical place.